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  • Halloween Party
    Halloween Party
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    Autumn has started again, it is dark outside early and there are plenty of pumpkins available again. It's time for Halloween again! In America it has been a well-known and festive ritual for years. In the Netherlands it is increasingly upcoming. Are you a Halloween fan? We have some great tips for you to organize a successful Halloween Party.

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  • Hot chocolate BAR
    Hot chocolate BAR
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    In addition to the Christmas tree, we also have a so-called "Hot chocolate bar" this year. In Dutch a "Warme chocolademelk bar". The bar is very cozy and very easy to assemble.

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  • Everything for your Netflix or movie night at Joy & Co
    Everything for your Netflix or movie night at Joy & Co
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    January, February ... winter months. Boring, long, dark winter evenings? No! Ideal for organizing a nice evening at home! An exciting movie night, for example. With cola and popcorn in a popcorn bowl. Joy & Co has everything for a fun movie party. Popcorn bowls, garlands, paper cups with straws to dress up the movie night.

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  • I love you!
    I love you!
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    February 14 is marked with red in my agenda: Valentine! Yes, it is a hopeless commercial event, but I do see the romance of it. One day a year to think even more about love, your loved one and being in love. So I prepare for a romantic day and evening. Do not necessarily have to be alone with my sweetheart, but something like that is also great to celebrate with other friends. Everything for love!

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  • Tips to organize a great summer pool party
    Tips to organize a great summer pool party
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    A great summer pool party is of course a must when it is and remains so nice and warm. A party by the pool is fun for young and old, so also a great idea for a children's party. We have listed a number of tips for you to organize a great summer pool party. That promises a lot of splashing fun. Let the party begin!

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  • Treat during Sinterklaas
    Treat during Sinterklaas
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    Sint and Piet arrived again last Saturday. A super fun, but at the same time a super exciting time. Sinterklaas will be in the country for about 3 weeks and the party will close with parcel evening on December 5!

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