Paris etagere
  • Paris etagere

Paris etagere

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Paris etagere

3 layers

wide / long 31 cm, high 45 cm



Especially in the spheres of Paris. Romantic addition to your party .. The floor is very nicely finished and very easy to put together. On the floor you have every place to put everything. To give you an idea: there are 16 cupcakes on the bottom layer, 12 cupcakes on the middle and 8 cupcakes on the top layer. You can also use the etagere to present your amuse appetizers or your snacks with nuts and olives. All in style.

The floor can be cleaned with a light wet cloth after use and be cleaned up again in its box. You can use the etagere several times.

The film etagere is approx. 31 cm at its widest and 45 cm high.