Are you throwing a party, making a sweettable, do you want to brighten up your milkshake? With us you will find paper items to brighten up your party. As much as possible you will find sustainable products here, which, where possible, are packaged in paper. From paper straws, cups, plates to paper bags to treat. Come along!


  • Popcornboxes

    THE popcorn bowls in the Netherlands! The nicest in its size! Ideal for a nice treat. Handy for an inserted movie night and an indispensable part of Netflix.

  • Cupcakes

    Cupcakes remain ideal as a treat or as a fun part of a children's party to decorate. We have sturdy containers in which you can make the cupcakes. You will also find boxes to give each cupcake a separate place and nice toppers to decorate the cupcake.

  • To eat

    In this section you will find all kinds of items to eat with and from, such as plates, cutlery and napkins.

  • To drink

    This category contains all kinds of fun, colorful and sustainable items to drink during your party or festive in between.

  • Invitations

    And who do you invite to your party? Let them know with an invitation in the theme of your party.

  • To decorate

    All items to decorate your party.

  • To wrap

    In this category all kinds of items to wrap a treat, thank you or gift.

  • Handing out/treat

    Are you looking for the packaging for a nice treat? Take a look at our range of fun treat packaging. Mainly based on paper ne cardboard. So easy to recycle. Nice and sustainable.

  • To serve

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