To drink

This category contains all kinds of fun, colorful and sustainable items to drink during your party or festive in between.


  • Straws

    Paper straws in all kinds of different colors. These straws are sturdy and completely suitable for food. In addition, these straws are completely 100% biodegradable. They can be put in the paper bin after use.

  • Cups and glass bottles

    Colorful paper cups and glass bottles. Completely ready to use at your party.

  • Glass markers

    Glass markers are used to recognize your glass during a party. In addition, the charms or suction cups give extra cheerfulness to the glass through the fun shapes and colors.

  • Umbrellas

    Everyone knows them, the cheerful umbrellas for your drink. Cozy, cheerful and protective against bees. You can find them here in all kinds of different colors.

  • Cappuccino templates

    Templates to get a shape on your capuccino with cocoa powder.

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