To wrap

In this category all kinds of items to wrap a treat, thank you or gift.


  • blotting paper

    Very thin paper with a cheerful color. That's tissue paper. Ideal for making pompons, for example.

  • Twine

    Baker's twine consists of several wires twisted together, so that you get sturdy twine. In all kinds of fun colors to close your gift or hang a gift card on the gift.

  • mini pegs

    Super cute little pegs in all kinds of colors.

  • Stickers

    All kinds of stickers. Stickers to stick on the popcorn cups or on the cups. Functional stickers for planning.

  • Washi tape

    The well-known paper tape, better known as washi tape. Suitable for sticking anywhere and for pick-up anywhere.

  • Gift tags

    Colored labels to hang on a gift.

  • Boxes

    Boxes to give a treat or to wrap a gift.

  • Bags

    Bags to wrap a gift.

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