To decorate

All items to decorate your party.


  • Garlands

    Decorate the room with garlands. Festive!!

  • Balloons

    Traditionally THE decorator of any party. Balloons. In all shapes and sizes. Colored and completely matching your color theme. Suitable for air and helium.

  • Lanterns

    Paper lanterns. They are delivered folded. After delivery, you fold them out and secure them with the supplied iron bar. After use, you can take them apart and clean up until the next party.

  • Window stickers

    Stickers for the window.

  • Confetti

    All kinds of confetti.

  • Honeycomb balls

    Colorful balls made from honeycomb paper. Ideal as an alternative to the balloons. Can be used several times!

  • Candles

    Small candles for cakes and cupcakes.

  • Streamers

    Barrier tape for many purposes. Of course for fencing off a piece of terrain, but also nice to hang on chairs or walls to give your parties that extra festive look.

  • Stickers

    Stickers for treats, for example. Also special for the agenda and planner.

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