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I am Sabine Langerak, married and mother of 3 kids. A pleasant average family with all its perils, such as the upcoming school choices, birthdays, holidays, housekeeping, finances and so on. The Joy & Co webshop has been active since 2011. A special company, started together with my brother. He has taken care of the company's financial arm. A joint project that we have thrown ourselves into with great pleasure and enthusiasm. As pioneers in a fairly new market, with a lot of potential, we have shaped the contours of Joy & Co in pairs. I enjoy working every day on the further development of Joy & Co. There is no other option, because with all these festive products every day is a small party at Joy & Co! I can say that I have found my way in party land.

The market has now changed so much that Joy & Co will also change. When we arrived in party land in 2011, plastic was still very common. That's why we wanted to market everything made of paper only. Single-use plastic such as straws, plastic cups and plates are now banned. And we are happy with that!! This means that the large chains now also sell disposable paper items. A time of reflection for us.

We are therefore going to take a different path. I, Sabine, in particular, am going to focus on making stationary myself. I don't know yet where this road will take me.

I will also focus more on coaching people. Hey, you might think. Yes, coaching is a completely different sport. Have you become curious? Then check out my other site:

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