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  • Valentijnsdag, de dag van de liefde
    Valentijnsdag, de dag van de liefde
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    Het is weer bijna zover! Valentijnsdag, 14 februari om precies te zijn, de dag van de liefde. Op deze dag mag je de liefde verklaren aan je geliefde of misschien wel geheime liefde. Koop een mooie Valentijnskaart, spreek een lief berichtje in via de telefoon of maak er een liefdevolle en gezellige avond van. Vier de liefde! ♥

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  • Long live the king!
    Long live the king!
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    King's Day is a happy day where orange upstairs is still popular! This year, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will visit Amersfoort on Saturday 27 April. A day full of festivities that everyone can share. Either in Amersfoort, or just at home and at school. We are already looking forward to it!

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  • Inspiration and tips for the Easter
    Inspiration and tips for the Easter
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    It is almost Easter again and that means finding Easter eggs, making Easter crafts, decorating an Easter branch, eating well and enjoying together. The house can also use the necessary cosiness. Let's get in the mood with the following inspiration and tips for Easter.

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  • Tips for a pleasant and unforgettable King's Day
    Tips for a pleasant and unforgettable King's Day
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    The end of the month is that time again, King's Day! A day that anything is allowed and the Netherlands turns orange. A nice day where there is plenty to do and see. A day that we go out en masse and can dress up with orange decorations. In short, a day to enjoy together and with these tips for a pleasant and unforgettable King's Day, that is a good thing!

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  • Flink out with an Easter brunch
    Flink out with an Easter brunch
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    The nicest party after Christmas is coming: Easter! Now you can buy Easter eggs everywhere and everything slowly turns yellow. Or you see other cheerful spring colors. In any case, it is a colorful face and an extra long Easter weekend will make everyone happy. Great opportunity to organize an extensive Easter brunch. For your friends or for family.

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  • Make Neighborsday a fun party
    Make Neighborsday a fun party
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    Every 4th Saturday in September it is that time again. Burenday. Every 4th Saturday in September it is Neighborsday. Celebrate this annual party with your neighbors in the neighborhood. A day on which you come together and mean something to each other and the neighborhood. Join forces and make Neighborsday a party you will never forget! Let the party begin!

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  • Halloween Party
    Halloween Party
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    Autumn has started again, it is dark outside early and there are plenty of pumpkins available again. It's time for Halloween again! In America it has been a well-known and festive ritual for years. In the Netherlands it is increasingly upcoming. Are you a Halloween fan? We have some great tips for you to organize a successful Halloween Party.

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  • I love you!
    I love you!
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    February 14 is marked with red in my agenda: Valentine! Yes, it is a hopeless commercial event, but I do see the romance of it. One day a year to think even more about love, your loved one and being in love. So I prepare for a romantic day and evening. Do not necessarily have to be alone with my sweetheart, but something like that is also great to celebrate with other friends. Everything for love!

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  • Treat during Sinterklaas
    Treat during Sinterklaas
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    Sint and Piet arrived again last Saturday. A super fun, but at the same time a super exciting time. Sinterklaas will be in the country for about 3 weeks and the party will close with parcel evening on December 5!

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