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  • Hot chocolate BAR
    Hot chocolate BAR
    2011 Views Liked

    In addition to the Christmas tree, we also have a so-called "Hot chocolate bar" this year. In Dutch a "Warme chocolademelk bar". The bar is very cozy and very easy to assemble.

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  • Halloween Party
    Halloween Party
    1990 Views Liked

    Autumn has started again, it is dark outside early and there are plenty of pumpkins available again. It's time for Halloween again! In America it has been a well-known and festive ritual for years. In the Netherlands it is increasingly upcoming. Are you a Halloween fan? We have some great tips for you to organize a successful Halloween Party.

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  • Make Neighborsday a fun party
    Make Neighborsday a fun party
    2087 Views Liked

    Every 4th Saturday in September it is that time again. Burenday. Every 4th Saturday in September it is Neighborsday. Celebrate this annual party with your neighbors in the neighborhood. A day on which you come together and mean something to each other and the neighborhood. Join forces and make Neighborsday a party you will never forget! Let the party begin!

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  • Italian lunch
    Italian lunch
    1841 Views Liked

    The big vacation is just around the corner. A good time to ask everyone at the table, we thought here at Joy & Co. Serve an Italian lunch to get in that holiday feeling. Tasty, cozy and especially together.

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  • Good idea: Paper plates and wooden cutlery with the BBQ!
    Good idea: Paper plates and wooden cutlery with the BBQ!
    1621 Views Liked

    Barbecuing is nowadays a big happening and therefore a cozy party with friends and family. Provided with tasty dishes and well-prepared meat and with festive accessories to make the festivities even bigger. Eating and drinking is a treat!

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  • Smashing exam party
    Smashing exam party
    1558 Views Liked

    May is exam time. All students block themselves to get that much-coveted diploma. Just keep going and wait for the results. When all is finally done, then it's time to relax: exam parties! Cozy parties that continue until the small hours. Joy & Co makes it even more enjoyable!

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  • Flink out with an Easter brunch
    Flink out with an Easter brunch
    1521 Views Liked

    The nicest party after Christmas is coming: Easter! Now you can buy Easter eggs everywhere and everything slowly turns yellow. Or you see other cheerful spring colors. In any case, it is a colorful face and an extra long Easter weekend will make everyone happy. Great opportunity to organize an extensive Easter brunch. For your friends or for family.

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  • Tips for a pleasant and unforgettable King's Day
    Tips for a pleasant and unforgettable King's Day
    1854 Views Liked

    The end of the month is that time again, King's Day! A day that anything is allowed and the Netherlands turns orange. A nice day where there is plenty to do and see. A day that we go out en masse and can dress up with orange decorations. In short, a day to enjoy together and with these tips for a pleasant and unforgettable King's Day, that is a good thing!

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  • Inspiration and tips for the Easter
    Inspiration and tips for the Easter
    1409 Views Liked

    It is almost Easter again and that means finding Easter eggs, making Easter crafts, decorating an Easter branch, eating well and enjoying together. The house can also use the necessary cosiness. Let's get in the mood with the following inspiration and tips for Easter.

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  • Everything for a pirate party at Joy & co.
    Everything for a pirate party at Joy & co.
    1343 Views Liked

    You organize a pirate party with the original pirate decorations from Joy & Co. Super cool such a pirate party and especially if you can dress everything in a pirate style. Treat, party and decorate; anything is possible with a pirate party. Very nice ideas with which you can give your sprout the best birthday of his life.

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  • Popcorn boxes for your party
    Popcorn boxes for your party
    1464 Views Liked

    Cheerful popcorn boxes for a party, fun night or children's party nice to dress. The popcorn bowls are available in different colors and designs and make a cheerful bunch of them. Nice as a treat, such a popcorn bowl, but also great as an eye catcher at a party.

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  • nail polish party
    nail polish party
    1375 Views Liked

    A nail polish party can be a fun theme for a children's party, a bachelor party or for an afternoon or evening with the girls. All girls of all ages will love to paint each other's or your own nails at the table or to practice on a disc with fake nails. Let everyone use their imagination and there are the nicest combinations.

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